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Like most things in life, constant maintenance is required to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Learn how with our Website Management service we will take care of your site.

NDaily Software UpdatesN24/7 Security Monitoring
NFree Content UpdatesNMonthly Site Health Report

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protect your investment

Our comprehensive and proven maintenance process ensures your
site remains running securely at peak performance.

Our Security Driven Approach

Why Maintenance Is Important

Key features

Daily Software Updates

Keeping your site up to date is vital for its health, security and performance. We ensure your site is up to date and no issues result.

Daily Performance Check

To ensure your site is running as fast as lightning we check it’s performance on a daily basis investigating any degraded operation.

Daily Website Backups

A data backup strategy is vital to your website security as well piece of mind. We perform daily backups and keep up to 90 copies at a time.

Daily Optimisation

To keep your site loading fast and performing at it’s best we perform daily optimisation of your site.

Daily Malware Scanning

Keeping your site secure and safe is vital. We perform daily malware scanning ensuring your site is healthy and safe from threats.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Time is money, we monitor your websites uptime 24/7 and are notified of any downtime, ensuring any issues are resolve quickly.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Your sites security is monitored 24/7, any suspicous activity or threats will be identified and dealt with immediately, protecting your investment.

Monthly Site Health Report

To provide you the piece of mind that your site is in good hands we provide a monthly site health report summarising all the maintnenace that is done.

Free Content Updates

Keeping your site content up to date is vital for good SEO. With our website managment plan you get up to 1 hour of content updates a month for free.

Our Security Driven Approach

invest in a business that invests in your security

With countless hours spent finding best approach to security, we ensure top notch protection.

With 24/7 security monitoring and malware scanning your site will be protected from any cyber attack thrown it’s way. Moreover we install the latest cybersecurity software on your site locking it down and preventing any malicious activity.

We monitor the current cyber space keeping up to date with the latest vulnerabilities and exploits in software, ensuring your site is kept secure.

~24/7 Security Monitoring and Malware Scanning
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Cyber Space Monitoring

Why Web Maintenance Is Important

ensure your site is healthy. Protect your investment.

We understand many businesses already have quite a lot on their plate. Worrying about your website probably isn’t on your radar.

Maintenance is important as it is invaluable for SEO, avoids costly site recoveries from malware or similar malicious activity, ensures your site is
performing as best it can be and lastly gives you a piece of mind that your investment is protected.

Our management service ensures your site is healthy and running at the best if can be.

fDaily Software Updates
Daily Optimisation
iMonthly Site Health Report

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